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VSC Consulting offer Consulting and Programme Management expertise ranging from Procurement, Outsourcing, Contract Negotiation, and Business Improvement to Programme Management, Programme Delivery and Interim Solutions.


We work in partnership with clients to identify opportunities for enhancement of the current operation.  Detailing the required programme of work for implementation concisely, which always delivers a significant return on investment for the client.


VSC Consulting services:

  • Programme and Project Management Services
  • Strategy Alignment and Long Term Planning
  • Business and Organisational Transformation
  • Opportunity Assessment including Spend Analysis
  • Outsourcing of the Purchasing Function
  • Managed Service of Purchasing Function
  • Category Sourcing and Negotiation
  • Accelerated Sourcing through eAuction and eSourcing
  • Interim and Category Management Services

All of the above can be tailored to the needs of an organisation, and release savings across a business. 

Our Approach


We specialise in offering a complete business assessment within a 4-8 week period that addresses the key aspects of a project. The output of the assessment would be presented at a client Executive Level for sign off as part of a Strategic Delivery, including:


  • assessment of the current 'As Is' operation
  • consolidation of data and information sources
  • establishing key stakeholder teams and engagement activity
  • details key areas for enhancement and development
  • outlines short, medium and long term opportunities for the client
  • providing a justification for the programme
  • supported by a detailed project plan including key timeline
  • details the Return On Investment for the client
  • structures a concise programme of work for implementation


Once endorsed the VSC Consulting team would deliver the project plan through:

  • Delivery of effective programme management.
  • Ensuring consistency of our performance through clear and concise process steps.
  • Ensuring stakeholder buy in and engagement to the vision and journey.
  • Enhanced purchase performance providing an improved foundation on which to continually build
    organisation success.

The team at VSC Consulting are dedicated to working closely with businesses to ensure total programme success through concluding a business assessment in advance of tailoring a client specific programme of work, to optimise results the client.

Contact us to discuss an opportunity support@vscconsulting.co.uk or via the contact page.

VSC Consulting Project Shortlisted for CIPS Supply Management 2014 Award 'Best Cross Functional Team' - Private Sector

VSCConsulting Awarded ESPO Framework - Public Sector

Our Location

Our business address is listed below, please contact us via e-mail to outline your business opportunity and one of our Directors will be in touch to discuss in further detail.



Michael House
Castle Street

Email: support@vscconsulting.co.uk

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